In October 2015, I began writing a newsletter called Living Lightly, inspired by the Aldous Huxley quote from his book, Island. The letters began as a new, intimate way to write; it serves as a direct and personal line between me and another person. The letters, usually consisting of personal essays, lists, collections of things I loved that week, and (sometimes) a playlist, serve as reminders to live lightly and everything that comes with that.

The Living Lightly newsletter is a place for me to remind myself (and you) of things; to remember that your feelings are valid, that you don't have to have your life together, that you sometimes just need to make yourself your number one priority, and that, in short: you are so worthy. I promise to only send emails once a week at most, and I promise there will be something in there that will be somewhat interesting for you.

You can subscribe here. See you next Sunday.

"This is everything I needed to hear to start 2018." — Ally

"Kelsey J Barnes is an online friend who I admire for her ability to bare her heart and soul, knowing it will encourage others to follow suit. I can always rely on her and her newsletter to inspire and enlighten me, as I smile reading it start to finish." — Jenna

"It always feels like advice from the older sister that I never had." — Logan from The Honestly Podcast