1883 Magazine
Obsessed Issue
Interviews with actress Roxane Mesquida, actor Graeme Thomas King, dancer Violetta Komyshan, and model Maya Henry.

Exposed Issue
Interviews with actor Douglas Booth, musician Cameron Dallas, actress Anya Taylor-Joy, photographer Pixie Levinson, musician Jay Park, and musician Taiki Kudo.

Prime Issue
Interviews with actor Callum Turner and actor Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

tmrw Magazine
Swiping for Innovation, Issue #27
Exploring the major differences and similarities between dating apps and which one, if any, is doing something unique and innovative.

Dear Movies
Family in Peter Pan, Issue 2
A personal essay on the depiction of found family in the 2003 live action film, Peter Pan.

My Teenage Life and the Jonas Brothers, Issue 2
A personal essay exploring my teen obsession, fandom, and the Jonas Brothers.

The DD Annual 2016/2017
Featuring my personal essay Uncurling The Roots


1883 Magazine
Interview with California electropop duo FRENSHIP.

Michaela McManus
Interview with actress Michaela McManus, star of NBC’s The Village.

Stefania LaVie Owen
Interview with actress Stefania LaVie Owen, star of Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum.

Dele Alli Interview
Interview with Tottenham Hotspur star on his football career, his charity work, and his new fashion line.

How Queer Teens are Using Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ Function to Open Up

tmrw Magazine
How SKAM Successfully Navigates the Intersections Between Fashion and Identity
An analysis of the symbolic meanings depicted through style on SKAM.

All Womxn Project
Thunder Thighs
Personal essay on body image and self-love.

Dear Damsels
Red Strings on Pink Fingers
A thank-you to the friends from all over who kept me afloat.

On Kent Street
Saying goodbye to my childhood home.

Uncurling the Roots
Creative non-fiction work focusing on learning to let go after a break-up.

Why I Decided to Befriend My Ex's Ex 
Finding friendship in two failed relationships.

She Did What She Wanted
For Carrie Fisher
Not My Captain America
On Male Entitlement
I Don't Believe in Virginity
We're So Young
Defending the Manic Pixie Dream Girl 
The Power of Girl Power
Not All Men 
In Defence of Fangirling
 The Fear of Short Hair 
On Being a Mess 
Let Me Succeed 
Shining Together 
What Self-Love Means to Me 
Finding Happiness in Heartbreak 

Into The Crowd Magazine
The Maine Interview 
Interview with the band The Maine on their album ‘Pioneer’.


Impostor Syndrome is the New Black
Interviewed by fellow writer Kamrin Baker about experiencing impostor syndrome in my life and career.

Perfection - Delicious Ambiguity podcast