changing of the seasons

"Suddenly I wonder, ‘Where is the girl that I was last year? Two years go? What would she think of me now?’" — Sylvia Plath
"The fact is that five years ago I was, as near as possible, a different person to what I am tonight. I, as I am now, didn’t exist at all. Will the same thing happen in the next five years? I hope so." — Siegfried Sassoon
The month of March used to consist of some not-so-nice anniversaries; I used to dread the transition of winter to spring and I hated seeing certain dates creep up on the calendar. Recently someone reminded me that anniversaries are about remembering the beginning and using them as a marker for everything else that transpired afterwards, good or bad. They should be used as a way of reflecting on how far you've come and who you have become since that day on that month in that year. I used to feel an itch to write something (that usually sounded like I was trying way too hard to be overly profound and eloquent) as a way to combat how small a lot of those events and anniversaries used to make me feel, but now I'm just remembering that:

To mark an end is to mark a beginning.

Things end and new things begin. Things end and you change because of it. Long gone is the you on that date all those years ago. Things end in order for you to constantly grow and learn and fuck up and start all over again. Sometimes really horrible and shitty things happen that forces you to dig yourself out of it. To mark an end is to mark a beginning. Do not wallow in the past. Stop searching for reasons and excuses to hold on. Use the changing of the seasons to do what trees do in the spring. Lean into your new beginning because to mark an end is to mark also mark a beginning, and spring is a really great time to start fresh.

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