c'est la vie

Know that you can start late, look different, be uncertain, and still succeed.

— Misty Copeland
has anyone ever told you that there is no right way to do life? you don't have to be perfect. you don't even have to be good at everything. you just have to make sure that you try. you just have to dig and get dirt under your fingernails and try. you don't need to be a certain age to reach a certain milestone, nor do you have to wait with bated breath, ready to check off things on that 'life checklist' that you're expected to mark off. life isn't meant to be lived that way. there are only a few things you have to do in this life: say thank-you to transit drivers, call your mother back, pay your bills, spend time with your grandmother, say sorry when you're in the wrong, and be kind to others. that's it. besides fucking up and making some mistakes along the way, there really isn't much you're required to do in this life, so why not forge your own path instead of following one that has been set up for you? you don't need to live in a mansion or have millions of dollars or have kids or get married. all of those things are wonderful and some people may want them, but you don't have to. you don't need to have what other people have and you don't need to be doing what everyone else is doing. you don't need to compete with other people on who is living life better. you'll ruin the fun if you try to make a competition out of life. you'll also ruin it if you try to rush it. relax. breathe. ease into the journey. just do what feels right for you—you'll get wherever you're going in time. 

choose to live a life that has been created and cultivated by you. it'll be much better that way.

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