what you should know

I guess this can be read as a disclaimer. 

I'm horrible at responding to text messages. When I take three hours to respond to you, approximately 24 hours after meeting and exchanging numbers because none of us want to seem too eager, I promise you I am not playing coy games. I hate the texting game when one person tries to take longer  to respond than the last. With that said, I'm bad at playing games too. But only the dating games that involve waiting an hour to respond because you don't want to seem too eager. I believe in letting people know when you're excited about them--who doesn't want someone excited about the potential of something blooming? Playing it cool is boring. No one is cool enough to wait 8 hours to respond to someone else. Games are boring. But I do like Settlers of Catan--that's a game I'm not only good at, but adore.

I will leave cups of tea all around the house. They will all have lipstick stains on them and they will only be three-quarters finished. Hopefully you find it endearing (and not annoying like everyone else does.) You can see where I've been that day. I promise I'll be the one to clean them up.

I don't like beer. The smell, the taste, the way it makes you feel when you're done. It's not for me. What I do like is whiskey. And wine. Moscato, to be specific. But I would give up all of the wine in the world for a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. I would also give up a lot for fish and chips and ice cream.

I really hate when I'm told that what I like is stupid or vain. I think one of the worst things you can do is tell someone that what they like is silly, and this specifically applies to music. A girl just wants to listen to Nick Jonas and not have to say he's a guilty pleasure (he isn't) and sing along to New Romantics by Taylor Swift while driving with the windows down in the summer without eyes rolling. 

I am not a morning person in the slightest. I like staying up late and sleeping in and easing into the morning. Especially on Sundays. Sundays are for waffles and pots of tea and pjs all day and cuddles under the duvet. But when I do wake up in the early hours of the morning, I will try to be quiet. I'll probably be deep into a book or giggling during my millionth viewing of Bridget Jones Diary, but I'll try to be quiet. 

I want to travel. Ireland, San Fransisco, Vancouver, and anywhere else that has nice sights. My favourite place in the world is England, though. I do plan on living there someday. Hopefully before I turn 30. I want to visit castles and see my family and carry a brolly wherever I go. Hopefully you'll come along for the ride (and the rain.)

I've had dogs all of my life and will continue to do so. Maybe a westie named Finn, because I cannot remember a childhood without a westie and they are the sweetest dogs. A home with a dog is a happy home. I also heard the same thing about a home with a library nook. A dog and books makes one home very happy. 

I will replay my favourite songs over and over (and over and over) until I switch to a different favourite song. This means you'll be hearing Shiver by Coldplay, Trasatlanticism by Death Cab, and Edge of Desire by John Mayer around 500 times a day. A recent current fave is 3005 by Childish Gambino. The lyrics read "I'll be right by your side till 3005" and I think that's the kind of declaration we all want, right?

I become obsessed with TV shows, movies, books and the like very easily. I will want to talk about it all of the time, which will include overly excited texts-in-all-caps and probably a lot of rants, too. Like -- how do you just make Steve Rogers a HYDRA agent? You don't! And I have a lot to say about it. And I'll probably be really annoyingly obsessive about talking about it. But just let me chat and you just need to nod sometimes, even if it's just to please me. I just want to share all of the things that I love with the person I love.

I take a lot of photos. I will want to capture moments and memories and what I was wearing on that day. You will probably roll your eyes when I ask strangers to take our photo in front of a blooming bush of flowers but when we're 80 and the photo is in a frame sitting on a mantle of our fireplace, you'll be glad I did. One day when we're long gone and our photo ends up in someone else's hands, maybe at a vintage market or found as a bookmark in a well-loved book at a used bookstore, they'll see how in love we were without knowing us whatsoever.

I like to make people laugh. The kind of laugh that you throw your head back. That has and always will be the goal. I have a very dry sense of humour and I hope you get it. I'll say things in a nonchalant way and hope people understand. I will hope to catch you in the corner of my eye throwing your head back in laughter at something I said. That will make my day.

I will continuously touch my hair if I'm nervous, uncomfortable, or anxious. I'll twirl it, mess it up, put it up and then put it down. I am irrational at times. I will freak out about things. I'll overreact. I will second-guess everything (and myself.) I'm sorry in advance for having to deal with that. There will be times when I'm difficult to love. But I promise I will love you well, especially during all of your irrational-freak-outs, too.

This whole thing has been overdone; letters to one-day significant others have been written and rewritten by a million other people, but it's nice to dream and wish and hope. I understand that it's all a big cliché--a woman writing to a stranger-turned-lover about who she is and what she's like. But the potential tears down clichés and snickers and all of the eye-rolls that will occur after posting this. It's important to laugh at yourself, especially when you're one big cliché and you know it. I know it, and I can't wait to laugh at myself with you by my side.

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