GUEST: To-Do List (For Those Who Develop Feelings for Someone Miles Away)

Through the internet I've been able to connect with some incredible girls and share stories about life and love and all that. People that get it - that understand what it means to feel heartbroken and alive and messy all at once. The thing about meeting people through the world wide web - and using the internet itself -  is that a lot of people have something to say. They need to express their feelings and tell their stories and hope that, through storytelling, they'll be able to help someone else in return. 

One of the girls I've met is my friend Anna, who I met through She Did What She Wanted. Through her essays and her poetry, Anna describes what happened with such vivid detail that I feel like I'm right there with her. A few weeks ago I was pondering the idea of having more voices on here and immediately thought of contacting Anna to write something for me. She came up with a list and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you today.

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To-Do List (For Those Who Develop Feelings for Someone Miles Away

By Anna Bailey
I made a to-do list the other day.

While that in itself isn’t unusual, the content of the list was pretty wild: “What To Do When the Person You Want to Kiss is Miles Away.” While that sounds very Nicholas Sparks-esque and like that someday I might have an airport kiss, it’s really nothing like that at all. It’s me being dramatic about every person I have a crush on. 

I’m no expert in this field, but I’ve traveled a lot of places that gave me the opportunity to meet really great people and pretty much everything has spiraled out of control because of that. While I don’t know how to handle these feelings very well, I know that knowing the people who gave them to me have taught me a lot about myself and a lot about being open to anything, even the most absurd of ideas. 

Michigan, Florida, and Vancouver -- all places where boys I wish I could kiss live. I know, absolutely, that I’m not the only girl that has feelings for someone I’ll never get to touch again, so I hope maybe this to-do list will help you a) realize your feelings are valid, no matter what anyone says or b) come to terms with the fact that you’ll never get to have the kind of relationship you want with them, and that’s okay. 

To-Do List (For Those Who Develop Feelings for Someone Miles Away)
  1. Count the miles between you two and turn them into heartbeats. 
  2. Maybe don’t look up flights and track the number of hours you’d need to work to pay for one
  3.  Perfect the nervous laughter and coy smile when your friends ask if there’s anyone new in your life.
  4. Kiss the cute person in the bar that’s actually within reaching distance.
  5. Buy that black lingerie set that no one will see you in, not even them. 
  6. Promise yourself that you will not start believing people when they say your feelings aren’t valid. 
  7. Go on a run, but don’t run that far.
  8. Stare up at the moon and know that they are staring at the same one.
  9. Wear a sweater two sizes too large for you, even in the heat of summer. Feel the warmth and realize you generated that yourself; you don’t need anyone to keep you safe and warm. 
  10. Cry, at some point. 
  11. Remember that being brave sometimes means looking foolish. 
I can’t guarantee anything on this list will make your feelings less confusing, but maybe it will help you breathe a little better and that’s really all I can hope for. 

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