On The Edge

I've been worrying a lot lately.

More than normal, which says a lot.

Lots of nights of tossing and turning and not very much sleep. 

Spending lots of time thinking over things, questioning whether the things I've done and the choices I've made in the past are correct, and if the things I will do and the choices I will make in the future will be right - if anything is ever just going to be a quick and easy decision. If the people I love are happy, if what I'm doing makes me happy, if you can even choose happiness. If I'm even allowed to say no to things. If this edge that I'm walking on is right, or if I should just make the leap and see where I land.

..and on one of those nights that I spent more time tossing and turning than I did sleeping, and spent more time questioning and doubting and wondering what I should do, I remembered this quote:

No might make them angry,


it will set you free.

And just like that, I was out like a light.

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