Living Lightly - A Subscription

Like I said in my post yesterday, I haven't written a thing in ages. I've been in a drought; creatively & socially. When the world is stressful, I shut everything else out. I spend all my free time not spent at work or school in bed, when I could be seeing friends or working away at my passions. After writing yesterday's post, I'm feeling a lot better about writing again.

And then I came across this little blog I wrote in the beginning of this year. It's a manifesto, a call-to-arms, so to speak. Basically - it's a bunch of things I believe in or try to act out on a daily basis. Things like embracing your mess, making yourself a priority, and learning to live lightly.

Living lightly is my motto/mantra/saying. I want to live more lightly; to not let things drag me down so much, to not worry about things that aren't worth brainpower, and to live in such a way that you let things come and go as they are. Living lightly doesn't mean let everything pass and to not feel things deeply, but to not let them devour you when they try. 

Over the past month, I've really realized the importance of letting things slip right off of you. Letting yourself feel what you need to feel and then moving on. Learning the importance of living lightly. Having said all of this.. I'm craving something new. Change is good, right? Maybe I'm being too pretentious and romanticizing everything a little too much, but I kinda like the thought of a new endeavour, no matter how small, beginning in the fall. 

I discovered TinyLetter today and signed up immediately. I love getting emails from my favourite writers (Superlatively Rude and Heather Havrilesky, just to name a few!) I think getting a little letter from someone directly - even if it isn't personalized - is super sweet. So... Here we are. I'm starting my own, because why not? Even if five people subscribe to it, I think it'll be fun to curate some things I've thought about, quotes I've scribbled down, or a new song I heard while in the store buying more lipstick that I really don't need, and send all of that directly to a few people. 

Living Lightly is going to be a place for me to remind myself of things that I also want you to remember to. To remember that your feelings are valid, that you don't have to have your life together, that you sometimes just need to make yourself your number one priority, and that really - you are so worthy. I promise to only send emails once a week, and I promise there will be something in there that will be somewhat interesting for you. A specific day of the week when the emails will be sent has not been decided yet, but when it does... You (and your inbox) will be the first to know.

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