An End to The Year

Usually people mark the change of a new year on January 1st, but to me it feels like a new year begins tomorrow. I posted one single blog at the end of summer in 2014. The events that followed the summer of 2014 were incredible and exhausting and invigorating - and tomorrow I begin a whole other journey.

I've referred to summer 2014 to now as the year to everyone that asks me if I'm excited to be returning back to school. There was a lot of freedom that began in the summer of 2014; I was single, I was falling in love with my friends all over again, I was starting a new job, I wasn't going back to school for the first time in ages, and I really didn't have much of a plan aside from that. I felt like I didn't belong to anyone or anything and that was a very exciting feeling. I used that mantra for everything that transpired since then.

In that aforementioned blog from last year, I wrote about words that mean a lot to me; accept, forgive, nurture, love. I've tried to do my best with those four words in the last 365 days and try to be better at all of them. I think I've mastered acceptance; I've worked on accepting myself and everything that I am. I've embraced the things that aren't conventionally 'attractive'. I've worked hard on myself. I've practiced forgiveness; I accept that humans are humans which means they make mistakes. I forgive myself when I make mistakes. I nurture my mistakes and make a learning experience from it. I don't look at myself in the mirror and shy away; I look at myself with care and love. 

I've got to see so many things and meet so many people since last summer. If I I'm ending the summer with a trip to a new city under my belt, seeing a band I fell in love with twice, and today I get to see an old band that I've loved for far too long and have seen many times but refuse to move on from... because as much as I grow and change, some things never do. 

I end this summer differently than I ended last; my mind is a lot more settled and I am much more at peace with the unknown that I was last year. I start a new chapter tomorrow. A challenging chapter. Something I never thought I was enough for. But I am enough, and the thought of being enough is wonderful to think about.

Back to school I go...
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