What I Wish For You

I wish that you have...
more beautiful days of sunshine.
(and some days full of rain so you can cozy up 
with a cup of tea and a good book)

I wish that you get..
relaxing mornings with breakfast in bed.
(whether it's pancakes or eggs benedict. 
just make sure you get a mimosa or three)

I wish that you receive..
love, and lots of it.
(from friends, from family, from yourself)

I wish that you can find...
simplicity and peace in work/school/life.
(and that you find time to treat yourself)

I wish that you get to see..
all the places you've dreamed of 
going to ever since you were little.
(and to go with all of the people you love)

I wish that you embrace...
your flaws and quirks make you who you are.
(and remember that who you are alone is enough)

I wish that you get to..
accomplish all of the dreams you've
been daydreaming about.
(and do great things with your great life)

I wish that...
you find whatever it is that makes your heart sing.
(and you chase after it wildly)

For you, I wish...
that you become the person you dream of being
(and you are proud of yourself for how far you've come)

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