For My Mum

There is something special and sacred about a bond between a daughter and her mother. My mother has been through hell and back. She's a true lover and a fighter; she's taught me how to be kind and how to stand up for what is right. 

A few weeks ago, I wrote this little thing in my journal. I was in bed and I couldn't sleep. Too many things were running through my mind, I was nervous and afraid and freaking out just a bit too much. Like clockwork, my mother brought me down a hot water bottle and a warm cup of earl grey to help me sleep.

And then I wrote this. 

So, to my mum, I want to say thank you..

For knowing just when I need a cup of tea.
And for bringing me cake. and ice cream. and everything else when I need it.

For letting me go to England when I was 16 to see a boyband.
And for always supporting me to love whatever I wanted to love and to pursue whatever it is I want to pursue. Encouraging me to be myself in a world where we are constantly trying to conform is a beautiful thing.

For loving Harry Styles as much as I do.
And for singing along in the car with me. (But not for giving me this horrendous singing voice. No thank you for that.)  
For always knowing what size my bed is when I want to buy new sheets.
And for buying me them when I am short on cash. They look lovely. Also, thank you for your interior decorating expertise.  
For reminding me to treat myself to things when I deserve it.
But also reminding me that I should look to the future and make sure I can support myself. 
For letting me become the person I needed to become.
For giving me the space I needed to grow & learn & make my own mistakes. 

For not telling me I told you so.
Even when you knew so badly that this was not the right person for me. You knew better, and you know me better than I know myself.

For spending hours in IKEA with me.
And talking me out of buying things I definitely do not need.

For making sure I'm not taking shit from anyone.
And for always enforcing the fact that I deserve to be treated with respect. 
For teaching me how to be strong.
And when I think of strength and the power of a mother, I think of you.

And for showing weakness when you needed to. 
Your strength throughout your entire life is a true inspiration, but it is at weak moments when I really realize the strength you have in your mind & body.  
And lastly, for your love, guidance, and compassion.
You are my best friend. I am so proud to be your daughter.
Happy Mother's Day. I love you.

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