Notes On Being A Boss (Of Your Life)

These are polaroids that my wonderful friend Danielle described as me "looking like a boss." It made me laugh, but after looking at them I thought to myself - yeah! I AM a boss." Maybe not the actual definition of boss, but I'm most definitely the metaphorical version of boss. I'm the boss of my happiness, my job, my self-care, my life. I'm running the show, I'm choosing where I go and how I get there. It took me awhile to realize this because I didn't have this kind of outlook when I was younger.

Instead of beating around the bush, I'm just going to say it: I did not try at all in high school. I wasn't interested in anything that wasn't English, Art or Marketing, and even studying those was incredibly boring at times. I just did the bare minimum of the work that needed to be done, got decent grades and passed. I only really started to stress about grades in my last semester of school when it really was a bit too late. 

In retrospect, I'm a bit mad at myself for not being more interested in school and grades, but I think I have more respect for school now that I've been through post-secondary and in the job field and all of that. I went from someone that didn't bother in high school to someone that tried and pushed herself the hardest that she could. Those years made me realize that not only can I do anything, I can choose whatever path I wanted. I am not tethered to anything.

In-between me graduating and finding a job I really felt like I didn't have much of a purpose, even though I was only 21 and still a recent graduate. I just felt like there was supposed to be some sort of feeling of fulfillment that I was supposed to feel after graduating, which I did a bit. For four years I knew exactly what I was doing; going to school, finding a job, living life. But during that grey area I was really hit with the fact that constantly thinking your life will get better when you finish school or when you finally get something you've always wanted, it won't always make you happy.

Sometimes you just have to look around and be thankful of the things you already have in your own life. You don't have to have a big adult job to be happy. You don't have to have years of schooling to have a fulfilled life. These things can sometimes mean your pay is higher and more things are available to you, but things are just things - they can't always make you happy. Not everyone has the same desires, too. Some people just want to live a quiet, simple life. Some people want to live in a $6 million dollar condo in Yorkville. If you want to be a CEO, go ahead. If you want to be a bartender, do it. If you dream of writing a book and you use your day job to just pay the bills, that's 100% okay.

Because you don't need a certain kind of job or schooling to make others comfortable with your life, you just need to be comfortable with it. So even if you don't feel like you're on the right path, I believe that you know how to run your own life, even when you don't think you can.

I have friends that are getting their masters. I have friends that haven't gone to post-secondary school. I know people that didn't finish high school. But you know what, they are all doing okay. And they are killing it at what they do, even when they have doubts and fears and 'what if' moments. When asked the big question, what do you want to do when you grow up?, people in my age group all usually look like scared squirrels that is stuck in the middle of the street with a car speeding towards us and can't decide where we should go. To those that are also twenty-something and still can't quite pinpoint what exactly they would like to do with their life, I'm here to remind you that no one has overnight success. Like Rome, you were not built in a day.

I like to think about how there are so many opportunities for me. I could work abroad, I could go back to school, I could start my own business, I could write a book, or I could just continue what I'm doing right now. Like you, I am forever changing. We can always change where you're going; we can always get on a new path. 

Inspired by Liv's On not graduating from university post!

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