Live Lightly (A Manifesto.)



A written statement to publicly declare your intentions, motives, or beliefs.

From the Latin manifestus — to manifest, to clearly reveal, to make real.

Live lightly.

Lightly means with little or light force, or without care or concern, or with little difficulty. Take those two words and remember them every morning. Live lightly. How can you live lighter today? Maybe be kinder to yourself today, or try to let go of something that is eating away at your mind. Maybe just wake up and let yourself feel lighter - try to free your mind of stress and anxiety and negative thoughts, even for just a few moments.

Always try your best. Promise me you'll always try your best. Sometimes your best will seem like it wasn't good enough, but at least you went out and did something. Not everything is meant to be won, conquered, or completed. Loss is nothing but a blessing and a lesson. To begin, you must begin. Acceptance is a small quiet room. 

Choose your life. You can always change your mind. If the things you are carrying around with you aren't making you happy, kick them to the curb. If you aren't in a position to let them go, find things that can make you happy. Fill your life with good things. Good people, good food, good books - anything that makes you happy.

When you go through dark moments in life, remember that there is light in every experience. The strongest and softest of people know darkness and have made their way through it. You can too. Hard times will make you much more aware, much more sensitive, and much more compassionate. As time goes on, wounds heal & bones mend. Remember that you're always strongest in the places you've been broken. 

Don't dwell too much on the past, but try to learn from it. Not everyone is supposed to be in your life forever. Things end, people change and move on. Having said all of that, try to always leave people better than when you found them.

You need to work and work hard. Constantly push yourself to continue learning about anything and everything. Listen to the people you meet while learning and then learn from them. While you're working hard and listening, remember to also be kind to those you meet - regardless of who it is. Kindness goes a long way and people always appreciate it.

Take up as much room as possible. Don't make yourself small for anyone. You're too bold and strong and resilient to be small. Demand respect. Teach people what you allow. Make boundaries and protect them. Not everyone gets to have a seat at the great metaphorical table that is your life and that's totally justifiable.

You're a mess. Embrace it. You're always going to a mess, even if you're just a little bit of a mess. You might as well accept & embrace every little bit of it. Learn to be okay with it. Your feelings are valid because you are experiencing them, simple as that. You're getting there and that is all that matters. 

You aren't always going to have people that adore you. Actually, there are going to be people that don't care for you. Don't internalize & take that to heart too much. You will meet people you just met that feel like you've known them for years, and you'll meet people that are the opposite of that. You aren't meant to like and to be liked by everyone.

Reach. Reach for people, for experiences, for happiness. Always have your hand open. Hands are great to hold, whether it's to help someone or to be helped. It's okay to need help, just like it's okay to ask for it. You can't always get through everything by yourself. The beautiful thing about asking for help is that when you get through it, you're around to help those that helped you. Reach for whatever you need.

Find good hearted people as friends. People that call you out on your shit. People that will bring you ice cream when you need it. People that will stay up with you in the middle of the night when you're a mess. People that will cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh. People that want the best for you and feel lucky to have a part of your journey. Now, with all of that said... Try be a good hearted friend. Call people out (kindly) on their shit. Stay up in the middle of the night with a friend that is a mess. Cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh. Tell your friends they deserve the best. Tell them you're excited about their journey. Tell them how lucky you feel to be in their lives.

Try to make yourself a priority in your own life. If there is one thing I can tell you, it's to look after yourself. Tend to your own garden, water your own flowers. You need to make sure you're okay and happy. Happiness is a personal thing that has nothing to do with anyone else. Wake up every day and try to choose it. 

Find your way. Take control. Be proud of yourself. Love your life.

Live lightly.

(A manifesto. To me, from me.)

(Inspired by this & this)
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