A Quick Note..

I wanted to take a quick moment to just thank you all for the kind words I've received in the form of comments, tweets, emails, texts and everything else on this post. After sharing the post on Tumblr and Twitter, I've received so much support and love and kindness. Friends I've known for ages, friends I've made over this incredible thing we call the Internet, friends I've just met a month ago - all of them sent me something that I won't forget. 

I was incredibly hesitant to share my year long journey. I carried those words and those feelings for a really long time and the thought of having the out in the world was incredibly terrifying - because then they would be for the world and not just for me anymore. As soon as you become vulnerable and open yourself up for others, you can become a victim of scrutiny. But part of this journey I've been on was also learning how to be vulnerable. Being open to whatever emotion comes and welcoming it with an open hand. 

There is strength in being vulnerable, like there is strength in being kind. Thanks for being so nice.
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