6 Affirmations.

1. You are worthy of the best.
You are worthy of happiness, love, friendship, respect. You are worthy of the best. You are worthy. Simple as that. 

2. You can do anything & you can be whoever you want to be.
Anything at all. Want to learn a new language? Do it, you can. Want to move away? Go for it. Don't ever limit yourself - you are too driven and bold to just settle. I try to not to say that I'm not good enough, because I am the one that gets to choose where I go and the person I become.

3. Your feelings are valid.
Your feelings are valid simply because you are feeling them, regardless if they make you feel silly or stupid or crazy. Feeling emotion is a human experience and you are human. No one has a right to tell you what you should be feeling or if what you're feeling is stupid. 

4. You don't have to have it together all the time.
Embrace the mess that is you. As a twenty-something, which I'm sure the majority of you are, we still have so much learning and growing to do. It's silly that we feel so much pressure to have everything together, which is exhausting. Things will figure themselves out, just relax and stop stressing about having it all. 

5. Comparison is the thief of joy.
The beautiful thing about you is that there is no one else like you in the world. When you spend time and energy focusing on comparing yourself to other's, you're ignoring the fact that you are incredible! Filter out the thoughts of comparison and start thinking positive things - like how beautiful and smart and driven you are. Repeat after me: I am beautiful! I am smart! I am driven! No one else is like me and that alone makes me incredible.

6. Your past does not reflect your future.
Sometimes we carry around whatever in the past like a really heavy backpack that is weighing us down as we go through life. There are things in our past we wish we would like to change or things that we really regret. But your actions, good or bad, in the past made you the person you are today, and I bet you're a really great person. Letting go is something we aren't really taught in school, but your past does not have to creep into your future. Start forgiving yourself for the things you did and start looking towards the future because it is bright and full of light.

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