life is too short

to not drink coffee or tea or any other hot beverage.
(someone will tell you drinking tea is a 'trend' and that you're silly for enjoying it,
or they will say a white chocolate mocha is a 'girly' drink, 
don't listen to them. enjoy what you want)

to not stay up all night watching parks and rec.
(leslie knope. that is all)

to not wear heels.
(even if they are just kitten heels)

to not eat delicious food that is horrible for you. 
(and to not eat really delicious healthy food, too)

to pretend you aren't crying for the millionth time over sirius black. 
(you will never get over that traumatic event, stop trying 
and just deal with the pain that book left you with)

to be rude to cashiers, transit drivers, or anyone.
(everyone is trying, remember this)

to pretend you don't like taylor swift.
(to put it simply: she is wonderful and has healing powers)

to not eat the last bite of cake.
(pretending you don't isn't fooling anyone)

to not spend a well-deserved day off in pjs.
(sometimes you just need a day)

to not eat ice cream for breakfast.
(it's delicious and it'll start your day off on the right foot)

to carry anger or any other negative feeling around for a long period of time.
(leave that in the past)

to not demand respect.
(but don't forget to be respectful, too)

to not get what you deserve.
(that goes for jobs, relationships, friendships, anything)

to be afraid of change.
(it's going to happen & it's usually for the best.)

to not wear the clothes you want.
(don't be afraid of what people will think)

to not experience the world and everything it has to offer.
(travel by bus, plane, train, or any other means of transportation.
just travel)

to be mad at your parents.
(they would choose you, always)

to spend too much time looking for love.
(it'll find you when you aren't looking)

to stop continue learning.
(whether it's school, extra courses, 
a cooking class, a new country/culture - keep learning)

to not be happy.
(life is hard, but you deserve all the happiness
in the world. don't forget that)

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