truly, madly, deeply.

I’m a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring ‘good-enoughist’.
hello! welcome. it's day 365, and i write this as i sit in cozy in bed with a cup of tea. i'm basically a real life cliché and super lame, but i'm okay with that. it's the last day of the year so i think it's okay to be a little cliché. i already wrote about the wonderful year that was 2014. i know i'm going to be super nostalgic over this year because it was so darn wonderful. i've reflected over and over and thought about it non-stop. 
i am truly, madly, deeply in love with the year that was 2014.

i get lots of fuzzy feelings when i think back on all of the wonderful days and memories that were made throughout the year. it had a little bit of everything. it was one of the most uncertain years of my life but i felt at ease for a lot of it. finally feeling like i'm where i'm supposed to be standing, finally knowing what i want, and finally knowing that there is always better things ahead and that even the worst of times can bring out a strength in you that you never knew you had.
for 2015, i wish for more wonderful days, more chats with friends, more love, more light, more laughter, more kisses in dark hallways, more music, more lunches on rooftops, more goofy grins, more warm fuzzy feelings, more black dresses and red lips, more dancing in bars, more chinese food on sundays, and a lot more friends. and a lot more words. and a few more dance parties to 1989. and to wear more black. lots and lots of black.
and in 2015, i challenge myself to grow, live, and be. grow more into the person i want to be, live a more fulfilled life, and be a better person. be in the moment. be myself. 2014 was the year of light, freedom, and loving every little bit of myself. it was peeling back the layers and seeing what i like and what i don't like and then fixing it. so i think 2015 is going to be the year of pursuing dreams, helping others, writing more, and loving everyone around me. 
i'm going to be spending my new years eve with a bunch of wonderful humans and glasses of sangria. and if 2015 is anything like 2014.. i'm going to be one happy lady.
goodbye, 2014! i loved you so.
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