embracing change.

Change is scary. Change means new, which means unfamiliar, which means uncomfortable, which means this is something that could potentially be a very intimidating thing. Change and newness is something that terrifies us all, and it's something that will always happen regardless.

I'm embracing change as it comes. Change in myself, change in my surroundings, change in my thinking, change in general. I've been debating on changing my URL for over 6 months. TLD was a name I stole from a lyric from my favourite Maccabees song, used it as my blog name randomly, and it stuck. TLD was born out of a need to express myself; I needed a place of my own to find myself through photos and words, and for years TLD was a place I would come to for comfort. I used it for a school assignment, a place to post interviews and reviews, and a place to document my life. Regardless of what I was posting, it was a place where I could express whatever thoughts I had, whatever creativity I needed to get out, and a place that was all mine. 

Now I am ready for something new. This blog is now, simply enough, mine. It always was, of course. But now it's just me, some photos, and some words. No labels, no anything. After some serious reflecting, I've been thinking about what it is that I want this place to be. It's a place that I'm going to continue to come to for comfort, to express thoughts and feelings and all of those things that we are going through all the time. It's always going to be my blog; full of personal stories, interviews with people that inspire me, photos from places I've seen and things that I love. I've always said that my blog was a diary, and it's going to continue being that. 

It's sad to say goodbye to TLD. Saying goodbye is like closing a chapter on a book that I've been reading too long; re-reading the same paragraphs over and over because I love them so much. But change is needed when everything about me is growing; my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and needs are all growing and changing, and I think this is the best way to help those grow even further. I love words and photos and feelings, and I will continue to express those loves of mine. Think of this not as a new place to post my thoughts, but as a place to read my little diary; from the beginning of TLD, to the new chapter, now.

Time to start new; a new journey with a bit of a changed view. 

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