Nifty Thrifty: Tips & Tricks on Thrifting

It truly feels like I've been thrifting for years. Thrifting is something that I started doing with my Nanny when I stayed over at her house. I remember wearing a ladybug/ladybird shirt that I bought from Value Village to my grade one class one day, and everyone was complimenting it! I was so excited, and since then I've just been a non-stop thrifter. I've found some great thrifting deals (These shoes are still my pride and joy) while scurrying around the store jumping through bins and rummaging through the racks, and it's still a great feeling to find a deal for less.

As an avid thrifter, I thought I would write a few of my thrifting tips & tricks, and things I've discovered while searching for the perfect "find"!

1. Sign up for emails. As soon as I signed up for emails at my local thrift store, the money I was spending went down, and the amount of clothing I had went up! My local thrift store has sales every two weeks, and they are usually $2/item, 50% off, or just a general clearance sale - and they always send you an email notifying you! Another little tip: Go early! Everything is usually picked through at the end of the day. (Last time I went to a sale right when the store opened, and I found a maxi dress that retails for about $99.. Definitely would've been gone if I came later in the day!)

2. Give yourself time. You don't want to miss a single thing. Look through every rack and check the floor (it happens, unfortunately..)! Double check if you're afraid you might've missed something. I normally go to things in order of what I want the most. I love dresses, so that is always where I go first. Then shoes, skirts, shirts, and then jeans/pants. Having a system seriously helps with time! If you're short on time, I like to scan the racks by looking for a specific color/print that I want!

3. Check the return rack by the dressing room. A lot of the time, I find some great pieces on the "return" rack. Someone else thought that sweater looked great on the hanger, but left it behind.. for you! How kind of them. Try it on, see how great it looks, and buy it right away!

4. Look over the piece + Check the tags. Look for holes, tears, stains, etc. If it's a minor seam that can be fixed, try it on and see how it looks! If the fabric looks like it can be sewn, get it! (If not - read Tip 6!) I check the washing instructions because I never buy something that needs to be dry cleaned, and I like to check to know what it's made out of!

5. Look through every section. Finding things in the children's section is not uncommon, and finding a nice warm sweater in the men's section is something that happens to me far too often! People leave things behind, so you may just find something you've been looking for in a section that isn't yours!

6. Don't buy things that need drastic changes. Unless you're better at sewing than me.. I used to do this all the time. "A little snip here, and it'll be fine", $7.99 later and it sits in my closet and never gets altered. It just gets sent back to the thrift store where it came!

7. Don't buy things that don't fit. Just last week I was about to buy beautiful leather ankle boots that were my size but were just a tad too tight - just because they were too nice to pass up. But if they never fit, cause me pain, and I'll never wear them, it's better to just save money and let it be. (Even if I hated leaving those beautiful shoes behind..) This leads into the next tip..

8. Go with a list of things you want. Shopping without a list makes you buy anything + everything you see, which can be bad for your wallet, and make your closet cluttered with things you may not wear! As an example, this fall I'm looking for a tweed jacket, grey skinny jeans, cropped trousers, and a denim vest. If I see something that I must have and it's too good to pass up, I'll buy it. Aside from that, no buying things I don't need!

A tiny little tip: Be nice to the employees! Just as a general rule of being a decent human being, kindness goes a long way. I'm on a name basis with some of the ladies that work at my thrift store, and they usually give me a heads up on when the next truck is in!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any tips & tricks of your own when it comes to thrifting!

Happy Thrifting!

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