A Custody Hearing

What is a Custody Hearing? 

A custody hearing is an official court meeting that is conducted in order to resolve various legal issues revolving around custody. The results and findings of custody hearings are often finalized into a court order and may be referred to when needed in the future.

What Are Some Common Legal Issues Involved in a Custody Hearing?

Custody hearings are held in order to discuss issues such as:

  • Determination of custody allocations (whether full, split, partial, or other types of custody)

  • Setting of visitation schedules

  • Terms of custody and visitation (for instance, whether in-person, supervised custody, virtual visitation, or other methods)


My copy of Modern Romance, which is now far too ironic for me to ever read again. The song On The Sea by Beach House and the painting I made with those lyrics. My secrets from the past year. Anything pumpkin spice. Father John Misty. All of the puns. The nice things I said about you that you didn't know how to reciprocate. That t-shirt that was too small. How soft I became for you. 


The month of November. Those polaroids we took. Trinity Bellwoods. Dineen. The album Melodrama, specifically the song Hard Feelings/Loveless. Toronto. Cheetah print. My writing about you that you never really cared to read. Calling popstars my boyfriend(s). Pop culture references in general, really. Pineapples on pizza. Your bear sweater. Like Crazy. My ability to love in a large way. My own sacred and safe space away from you. 


London. John Mayer. October 4th. Screenshots of grainy FaceTime calls. The Future is Female sweaters. Parks and Recreation. The air-miles and passport stamps and airport meetings. Self-portraits. The song New York by St. Vincent. Hands in pockets on nights when it was so cold, we saw our breath. The time and the distance and good mornings in the afternoon. All of the memories, regardless of how differently we will remember them. 

concepts i've been lingering with

the smell right after a candle's blown out, wearing an oversized sweater on a crisp summer night, the feeling of a hand pressed gently on a back, sleeping naked, whiskey in wine glasses, making your friends laugh (and the sweet sound of it), hands on knees in cars and bars, the song you and me by penny & the quarters, coffee at midnight, people who make me feel free, finding joy after heartache.

- kjb

a playlist for may

for all of the nights that stay warm and you can start having drinks on patios under the stars, featuring tunes by new artists like King Princess and Chelsea Jade, new songs by Florence and the Machine and John Mayer, and a bit of Leon Bridges' new album for good measure.